About us

About us ? 

We fell in love with this island during a trip, 20 years ago.

« We have built our place in a quiet area, in the countryside and close to the sea »

Indeed, when people come to Guadeloupe, they think about the sun and are easily fascinated by the colored, sandy beaches (White, black, brown), but it’s also possible to discover incredible cooling waterfalls, forest walks and rivers. Every day is a discovery…Then, a year later, we finally decided to move here with our 2 children.

During all those years, we have received our families and friends who always left happy and often returned. It’s probably thanks to them, because of their support, that we decided to « go for it ». We have built « La Canne à Sucre », in a quiet area in the countryside, close to the sea. « Sainte-Anne » is located on the eastern island of « Grande Terre » so we enjoy wonderful weather all year round. We are waiting for you to share our passion for this amazing island.


Viviane & David