La Canne à Sucre. Because we care for the environement

Because we care for the environment.

"La Canne à Sucre" has been constructed with the lowest possible energy footprint."



131 solar panels in Guadeloupe.
A storage system at La Canne à Sucre guadeloupe.
A storage system for a clean electrical production in Guadeloupe.
Fleet of 64 batteries

Because we are in love with our island we wanted to build with maximum respect for the environment. «La Canne à Sucre» is completely autonomous with more than 131 solar panels. A storage system allows our residents to use a clean electrical production. All interior and exterior lighting are LEDs.

The solar panels also provide hot water.

But that’s not all. A rainwater harvesting network has also been set up and in the medium term we plan to install other devices.

The solar panel also provide hot water at La canne à Sucre Guadeloup Ilands.
La canne à Sucre is completely autonomus
Clean electrical production for rental apartments on Guadeloupe Ilands.