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Bois Jolan beautiful beach


On the eastern « Grande Terre » island of French Guadeloupe, La Canne à Sucre is Ideally located between the towns of « Sainte-Anne » and « Saint-François ».

« Just three minutes from the « Bois Jolan » beach ».

Ideally located between Sainte-Anne and Saint-François, « La Canne à Sucre » enjoys Grande Terre’s wonderful weather.  Three minutes from the beach of « Bois Jolan », we have unique access to a site that has retained its authenticity. There are lots of white sandy beaches within a few kilometres and numerous seaside restaurants offering savoury Caribbean and West Indian specialities. Our property offers private parking, with a bakery just 2 minutes away; a supermarket 5 minutes.

La Canne a sucre on guadeloupe close to Saint FRançois

Bois Jolan beach

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